WE DO Publishing

We love creating page-turners. And while turning a book leaf will never diminish in our eyes, digital publishing also presents a brilliant opportunity to present and manage your own story. Whether you work with a publisher or self-publish, your story needs to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We’ll give you control and the right tools to get your book publish.

We can create
  • Business anniversary magazines or books
  • Family or business biographies
  • Coffee table books
  • Small to medium custom publishing projects
  • Design books

Our three-step publishing process

1. Concept

Let us in on your idea! We'll help you with concept direction depending on where you're at. We can either ghost write your project from the sidelines or take an author's role and direct you at every step

2. Design

Once we've established a proposed schedule of work, including a timeline and potential meetings and/or interviews, we can get cracking. We'll typically suggest a few months of research, followed by a writing process and editing to follow. We can help with proof reading and graphic design to bring your vision to life!

3. Complete

It's finished! Before popping the champs, you'll need us to help you with marketing, agent choice and publicity. We can also help you with printing and advise on the steps to distribute your project. Then enjoy - creating a digital or printed work is a great achievement!

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